When can I redeem my tickets?

Recently we have been receiving similar kinds of questions from everyday users. For the benefit of everyone, we are writing a series of blogs to address some these common FAQs. 

FAQ 1: When/where can I use my tickets?

A: Usually (does not always apply for all) these movies can only be redeemed at cinema counters after the movie has been listed with a ‘*’ (asterisk). Please read the terms and conditions printed on your tickets carefully. It should be written there. Otherwise you may ignore this completely.

If you’ll like to plan your movie beforehand, you can check cinema websites/apps for movie show times and look out for the ‘*’ asterisk. Free list movies are marked with asterisks ‘*’, and these are the movies that you can exchange your passes for a free entrance in. Free list movies varies across cinemas, i.e. what appears to be a free list movie in GSC may be different in TGV, and vice versa.


See ‘The Conjuring’, ‘The Internship’ and ‘Riddick’ in the screenshot above? This means you may now use your free movie tickets for these movies because they are now listed as a free list with an asterisk ‘*’.

As for ‘where’, otherwise stated in the terms and conditions, your tickets can be used at any cinemas nationwide - GSC/TGV/MBO/Cathay/Lotus Five Star.